25 Amazing DIY Branches Chandeliers

25 Amazing DIY Branches Chandeliers


Be creative and make something out of nothing. Use the fallen branches form your garden and make something creative and artistic. Using branches to decorate your home is suitable at any time of year, but autumn is by far the best season for it.

In autumn you can find a lot of broken branches in your yard. Dogwood, cherry, quince and forsythia branches can be found also at your local florist, in flower markets.

Their dramatic silhouettes and delicate sprouting buds make them a visual delight indoors. For example you can make beautiful chandelier out of branches. Hung the branches of the ceiling and put string lights or hung lightning bulbs.

You will get very modern piece of art that will lighten up your space. Also you can paint them in any color you want or just leave the natural look. Put big branches if you have big dining room and make it look chic. We present you 25 lovely chandeliers made out of branches. Enjoy…

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