3 Tips And Examples To Unite The Kitchen And The Living Room Right

Nowadays, open interiors are super trendy because they enlarge your space and create a whole zone for communication and fun. If you’re not ready for a whole loft-like space, you can try combining the kitchen and living room. Here are some tips to get this right.

  1. Define the size of each zone: if you have family and friends for dinner often, increase the size of the kitchen area.
  2. Binding elements. Imagine a single color scheme for both zones, as the transition between the areas should be smooth and gentle. The decor style should also be individual for both, so choose the furniture accordingly.
  3. Functionality. All kitchen surfaces should be functional for cooking, and the hood should work very well to avoid food smells in the living room zone. Multi-tier kitchen lights are very useful and they don’t illuminate the living area too much.

Do you need real examples to get inspiration? Look at the pictures!

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