5 Cool Ideas And Examples Of Using Vintage Bottles In Decor

Vintage bottles are awesome, and using them makes the interior cool and the idea is pretty eco-friendly, don’t you think? How can you decorate your home with them? Here are some cool ideas.
1. Planters. When you put a stem in a bottle, the decor is immediately appealing. You can attach vintage soda bottles to some salvaged shutters to make wall planters. And outdoors, you can wrap some twine or wire around the bottle head to make hanging planters
2. Candlesticks. Use a number of different sizes to create a centerpiece arrangement. If you get larger bottles, you can put votive candles in them (fill them with water to make floating candles).
3. Containers for bathroom fluids and cosmetics. This is how you can view them. Do the same as the soaps, lotions, perfumes, and other liquids in the bathroom with liquids and detergents in a washroom.
4. Kitchen liquids. When you go out and buy in bulk or in bulk, e.g. B. hand soap or detergent, pour some into the glass bottles and keep the rest under the sink.
5. Great cups. If you can find vintage glass bottles with lids or make cork lids for them, you can use these for storing homemade drinks or as serving containers.

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