6 Smart Tips To Visually Expand A Small Room

If you don’t have a big apartment or house, that’s not a problem. Even the smallest studio can be converted and visually expanded with simple tricks.

  1. Go for stripes. Vertical stripes on the walls raise the ceilings and a striped rug pushes the walls aside.
  2. Use your walls. Order a sliding door cabinet up to the ceiling, as it offers more space and the center of the room remains clear.
  3. Look at the scales. Take into account the size of the furniture so that it looks harmonious in your room. Take fencing furniture and look for narrow armrests.
  4. Hide the unnecessary things. A plasma or a bundle of wires will not add charm to your room. So hide them behind sliding doors or somewhere else.
  5. Use glass. Glass can blend into the room decoration so it doesn’t look cluttered. Buy coffee tables, televisions and plant stands made of transparent glass.
  6. Create order based on symmetry, hang shelves and racks to expand your space.

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