Airy Scandinavian Apartment

The Scandinavian style is very popular for decorating today, it is simple, ethereal and very beautiful. This apartment was decorated in this style and the space is so inviting and comfortable that I can’t take my eyes off!

The living room has white walls and whitewashed shabby chic floors and this is a perfect backdrop for any type of decoration. One of the walls is clad in whitewashed bricks that add texture to the decor. In the center of the room is a traditional Scandinavian stove with firewood, which gives the room warmth and cosiness. Textiles like a striped and brown carpet or a fur throw also contribute to the cosiness of the living room.

The kitchen is a spacious room with white cabinets and black countertops and there are two dining areas. The first is in the middle and this table can also be used for cooking. The second dining area is in the corner, it’s a breakfast nook with built-in shelves and a blackboard. A touch of warm, light wood here and throughout the house makes the rooms more inviting.

The master bedroom is connected to a home office, it is a large and airy space. The home office corner has a simple white desk, chair, gallery wall and an original blackboard with storage space. A wood stove, baskets, and firewood make the room cozier and warmer as the stove works.

Every detail in this house is peculiar and in its place, this is what a house looks like with harmony in decor.

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