All White Interior

This pretty Dutch family home has a wonderful lightness of touch, with delicate pastel tones and blonde wood that really comes into its own against the gleaming white background.

Airiness and light are everywhere in this house, thanks to almost every white color palette. Look at the living room. The large windows, greenery, and simple mid-century modern furniture including a woven chair make the space very inviting. I love the white retro fireplace with some firewood under the top, it gives the room a cozy feel.

The dining room has a cool retro buffet and a modern dining set with a woven stool. Such woven furniture makes any room rustic and very welcoming, so there are such items in different rooms. A long and comfortable bench is used as a plant stand.

The kitchen is all white with just a few copper details here and there. Shades of copper can be found everywhere in this house – furniture and accessories are made in such shades, they warm up the cold white rooms, and copper is very trendy for the decor itself. So why not use it?

The dining area in the kitchen is pretty simple, with a light wooden dining set and shelf on the wall, and the place is very cozy and welcoming.

The master bedroom attracts attention with wooden beams, unique and fun bedside tables, colorful pillows and a retro poster on the wall. The woven element here is the lamp on the ceiling.

The entrance is really Scandinavian: white with a cool wooden bench and a woven basket for storage, decorated in the same style and colors as the rest of the house. Overall, the house is very inviting and cozy, it is a truly Scandinavian room full of light and fresh air.

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