Amazing Christmas Lanterns For Indoors And Outdoors

You can say that a lantern is an old fashioned piece, that it is not modern, but a lantern makes the room cozier, brings light, warmth and comfort, a cool idea for Christmas. You can make some yourself: from metal, from mason jars, from wood, or from paper. Buy some ready-made traditional glass and black metal lanterns and put some candles and Christmas decorations in them – they would look very Christmassy. Such lanterns can be used both inside and outside – and the candles will not be extinguished. One unusual idea is an ice lantern that is great for outside and looks so exciting! Put some cranberry in ice and the amazing look will be provided! Decorating with pine cones, snowflakes and artificial snowballs made of felt is exactly what you need. Check out the pictures below and get inspired!

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