Angular Forest Cabin

Sometimes all we need to do is spend a weekend in a remote forest cabin and the one we share today is an ultimate dream. This 8-square-foot cabin on a rock was designed by I-Kanda Architects in the New Hampshire Woods.

The cabin is a family vacation, surrounded by evergreen plants, with a pile of rocks supporting the unit as a cantilevered wooden porch above the slope. The house has a prefabricated wooden frame that has been delivered to the construction site. The cabin has strong geometries and is clad in black metal and wood to highlight the varied lines.

There is a rectangular outside terrace that leads to the main entrance. The small footprint determined the number of rooms and led to an attic overlooking the main living room of the house. Inside there is a living room and kitchen with built-in wardrobe and refrigerator, as well as a wood-burning fireplace.

Behind the sitting area is a covered wooden veranda with a view of the valley. The room faces east and lets in morning sunlight from a 24-foot sliding glass wall. Behind the kitchen is a bathroom and steps leading to the attic and a mechanical closet. Additional living space is created by two triangular decks that flank the house.

The interior is kept minimal. Wood, concrete and metal are used to aesthetically connect the entire space. There are wire handrails and half a wall in the attic and stairs.

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