Antique And Contemporary House

This unique house by Chan + Eayr is a weaver’s house. It’s a contemporary yet personable renovation of a Huguenot townhouse that is an amazing combination of antique and modernity and looks stunning.

The living room is kept in neutral colors, clad with light and warm wood and with dark green framed windows, which is very noticeable. There are lots of potted plants and lots of greenery echoing with the frames. The artwork suggests the origins of the home, and accessories and decor appear to date from when the home was built.

The dining room has the same dark greens and blues that connect the spaces. The windows are also framed in green and there are rich velvet curtains in the same color. There is a wooden dining table and light blue padded chairs. One wall is an accent in dark green, there is a woven chair and fireplace, some vintage furniture and planters.

The kitchen is made from untreated wood and marble with brass accents – I’ve never seen a more unique combination of materials! Vintage lamps and lights, lots of greenery. The kitchen also has a dining area, fireplace, and woven chair.

The bedroom shows amazing wooden beams, I don’t know if they are original or not but they just steal the show. The headboard wall is clad with wood and a modern bed neighbors with a vintage sideboard. The bathroom combines refined marble and elegant dark green.

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