Apartment Design Ikea Furniture

This apartment in Malaga is eye-catching and cool, although the entire project was completed in two weeks! The apartment is 80 square meters and not that much for the family of four. One of the main tasks was to use every inch of space and get maximum comfort from it. This problem was solved with the help of intelligent home planning and compact and versatile IKEA furniture as well as many IKEA accessories – pillows, carpets, lamps, mirrors, etc.

The living and dining room decor is a game of contrasts. The basis of the color scheme is gray and white, which have been complemented with strong yellow accents in all shades from lemon to mustard. These pops refresh the room and add fun and positivity. Space is maximized by using smart ideas like a bench with storage space to hide all unnecessary things. The tiny kitchen in bright colors is the perfect spot for a quick breakfast with a folding table and a couple of bar stools. The children’s room is set up for the twins, so each part has the same colors, but a different decor to identify each child as a personality. The master bedroom is decorated in white, cream and beautiful shades of blue and its beauty is in symmetry: a symmetrical pattern on the headboard, carpet and bed linen. For reasons of symmetry and practicality, there are even two bedside tables – two benches mean more storage space. The bathroom is done in the same basic white and gray, but turquoise accents make it very refreshing and cool. This color is calm enough to relax before bed, yet energetic enough to start the day.

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