Apartment For Entertaiment

The Azul Apartment in Curitiba, Brazil is a modern space designed by Leandro Garcia for a young, single executive who loves to entertain. On an area of ​​80 square meters, the apartment was reconfigured for flexible spaces and open lines of sight.

The main living room consists of a long, narrow kitchen and a living room as well as a dining area by the window. This arrangement allows many guests to receive at the same time and communicate with them while cooking and serving. The kitchen has a lower ceiling height and all the white surfaces make it stand out from the seating area. The walls, floors and ceilings in the living and dining areas have the same cement finish that contrasts the warm woods and shades of blue. The furniture is comfortable and contemporary.

A wood-clad passage connects the living room with the office / TV room. The doors lead to the bedroom and bathroom. The office space used to be divided into two small rooms, but they removed the wall to create a larger, more useful space. One wall is taken up by cabinets and storage space, and there is a desk and comfortable sofa in front of the television.

The bedroom has a floating bed and an upholstered headboard that is attached directly to the wall. There are floating bedside tables on both sides of the bed. The bathroom is clad in stone and there is a freestanding stone sink. The house is modern, comfortable and great for entertaining.

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