Apartment In A Former Brewery

Scandinavian style at its best can be seen in this lovely apartment in downtown Stockholm, which is located in a former brewery. The original black-framed factory windows and high ceilings made the living spaces more interesting and offered plenty of natural light and views.

Plenty of natural light falls over the white walls and light wooden floors. The furniture is simple in style and color palette, with shades of gray ranging from pigeon to charcoal, offset by the warmth of natural leather, wood, and textiles.

The owners have chosen large statement pieces like the living room pendant light to create a dramatic effect. There’s a nice mix of textures that add interest, like the plush velvet sofa, chunky knitwear, and textured carpets that have almost no pattern.

The kitchen runs along a long wall of the living room and has lovely warm wooden doors and an open shelf above it. There is a dining table with a dark top and wooden chairs and a bench.

The bedrooms are simple but refined and lavish; The window sill serves as a shelf. The children’s room is furnished in the same style and colors as the rest of the apartment, but there are some playful and cute details such as funny works of art or a panda pillow.

The bathroom has light gray small tiles on the walls and larger ones on the floor, an oval bathtub and a white geometric sink. The design is simple and laconic like the rest of the rooms in the apartment. Be inspired by these light-filled, peaceful rooms and steal some ideas for your interior!

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