Apartment Rustic Touches

This harmonious French apartment with subtle wintery and rustic elements is a combination of two buildings – a former post house for horses from 1755 and its hay reserve. The owners themselves have created an open, atmospheric kitchen and added many fine details that you might like. So let’s look at them.

The couple had dreamed of a home where the whole family could interact and live together without feeling cramped, in a leafy neighborhood that offers a quiet and safe environment for their children, but is also close to Paris. When they found this room it was dark and with cracked walls, but the owners were attracted by the size and the fact that it is only 7 miles from central Paris.

Walls, floors and ceilings were renovated with the help of local builders. Hardwood floors have been laid throughout and skylights have been added to the ceiling to increase the natural light in the living area. The original structure of the apartment was left untouched, so the original wooden beams became a feature in the spacious living area. These cool beams add character and a hint of its past to the apartment, and they are also used to accommodate additional lighting. Gradually, the characterless and gloomy apartment turned into a bright and comfortable family house, as you can see.

In the kitchen, an old crib serves as a vegetable rack, an old cake pan becomes a flower pot and an abandoned window becomes a mirror. The owner balances her passion for vintage and antiquity with modern and simple pieces, creating a peaceful harmony between old and new and renovating and reusing the desired pieces.

The color scheme has been carefully chosen for each room to give each room a different atmosphere while maintaining a sense of harmony. Soft, neutral colors became a base that only added color through furniture and accessories, allowing her to regularly change interiors while mixing things up and bringing in new pieces.

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