Apartment Space Saving Solutions

Modern designers surprise us more and more and show us how you can accommodate everything you need in just a few square meters. Studio Bazi cleverly packed this 33 square meter apartment with lots of storage space and function so that it feels much bigger. The compact unit is located in a historic house in Moscow and belongs to a single man who wanted to redesign the space with all modern conveniences.

The decor is contemporary, there is plenty of white and light wood to make the rooms warm yet flooded with light, and white makes the rooms look bigger. A large bookcase spans the wall between the kitchen and the windows and offers space for additional chairs. A series of pull-out closets take advantage of the space under the stairs and act as a closet for clothes and shoes. Next to it is the bathroom with shower and sink. The toilet is up the stairs – a great arrangement of rooms to accommodate everything.

On the opposite side is an oak cupboard that hides the kitchen with a refrigerator, sink, stove, and grocery store, as well as a washing machine, pull-out table, and a curtain separating the bedroom and bathroom from the living room. This is a great idea for keeping the bedroom space more private. This is a very smart solution that saves a lot of space and saves space. Be inspired by all of the solutions contained here!

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