Apartment With A Rotating Wall

Living big in a small house is something that more and more people are becoming familiar with. Many projects are developed specifically for this purpose. The MJE apartment is a cool project developed by PKMN Architectures that shows a brand new idea for addressing this challenge.

This house does not have a fixed and clearly defined layout: instead there are movable walls that allow it to adapt its layout and dynamics to the needs of the residents. In the middle of the room there is a rotating unit that can transform the apartment in a few minutes. The position of the device describes the internal layout of the room and makes it possible to add a bedroom or two if necessary. Other cool and space-saving features like the wall beds add even more flexibility.

In addition to delimiting the rooms, the movable wall is also equipped with function and storage modules. Moving the wall and changing the layout of the apartment takes less than a minute, which is very convenient. The walls and ceiling are white and this creates a light and open feel throughout the apartment. Most of the furniture is integrated into the wall units and partitions, including most of the warehouse. The small bedroom has multiple beds that can be folded down to save even more space – just hide them when you don’t need them!

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