Apartment With Art

This stylish apartment belongs to a perfumer and such a career choice means that you will see something special: creative people always let their apartments inspire.

The apartment is 150 square meters; It consists of white plaster walls, molded parts and light wooden floors. You will see a fine selection of vintage finds and designer furniture, as well as glamorous chandeliers. The love for rare designs and art is everywhere in the home.

The first room you see is a home office combined with a living room. The home office zone has a vintage desk, a wardrobe and a coffee table. There are cool carpets and a leather day bed; As everywhere in the home, art has a special meaning: there is a gallery wall above the desk. The living room is furnished with a large white sofa, a striking glass and metal coffee table, and a gallery wall.

The master bedroom has a comfortable bed, an oversized glamor chandelier, a gallery wall above the bed, Moroccan tables as bedside tables and a Moroccan wedding blanket as a bedspread. Here and there Moroccan objects can be seen in the apartment, which help to connect the rooms together. You can also see that the bed linen repeats the motifs of the sofa that also connects the rooms.

The dining room consists of a long wooden table, Bertoia chairs and a large open piece of furniture with a collection of graphic works by Swedish artist Inger Sand Lee. The owner’s passion for smells is particularly evident in the dining room in the long line of scented candles from various manufacturers. A large display case is a French vintage find and really makes a statement in the room.

The kitchen is fitted with sleek white cabinets and a black worktop, above which there is again a gallery wall. Get inspired!

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