Apartment With Color Splashes

This apartment in Bucharest, Romania shows off some brilliant design ideas. The 77 square meter home is filled with lighting and storage solutions that maximize space.

The apartment owners, a young couple with a passion for minimalism, embraced the idea of ​​Scandinavian influences in their home. The task was passed on to the architects at CRAFTR, who creatively combined function and refinement in the design process.

The living room is fascinating to say the least. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the window, which is equipped with an inspiring storage system. In addition, the pierced areas below and above the glass hide the heating and air conditioning. The TV unit has a small sofa. This complements the dining table which can be expanded to welcome more guests. If we want to talk about other original features of this house, the lighting is definitely one of them. In the living area, the bright turquoise-colored cast iron frame with decorative light bulbs is striking. This idea is repeated in the kitchen as well.

With an accent wall made of cork, one of the two bedrooms in the house looks a little more dynamic. We also like the minimalist lightbulbs that hang from Ikea wooden frames.

The kitchen has minimalist white cabinets with no handles, the color is added with yellow and mint inside. The backsplash is clad with white tiles, there is also a coffee station with a blackboard wall and just look at this cute chalk picture – so romantic!

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