Apartment With Copper Pipes

Decorating a small studio apartment is always difficult because you have to fit everything you need into a small space. However, decorating a studio in a 17th century building is even more difficult as more renovations are required. Architect Ariel Claudet successfully modified this apartment, which was once home to Eiffel Tower architect Gustave Eiffel, to adapt it for modern living.

The entire apartment is only 22 square meters, the interiors are neutral and have some unusual details: a series of copper pipes on the walls. In addition to hiding the house’s electrical cables, the pipes can also be used to hang ornaments, household items and other items. You can also easily drive the property’s uneven surfaces.

The idea is based on the traditional tenon rail – a suspension system developed by the Shakers in which simple hooks are attached to lengths of wood. This system allows clothes, tools and light chairs to be hung when not in use. Copper was chosen because it is fairly cheap to get and looks bold. The arrangement of the copper pipes was created on site so the architect could bypass the various quirks of the house.

The apartment is painted white and decorated with a handful of monochromatic works of art that the architect made himself. You can see white tiles in the bathroom and kitchen zone and a convenient storage piece for pegboards on the kitchen wall. In several places along the copper pipes there are bare lightbulbs to illuminate important areas like mirrors. Check out the pictures to be inspired by this unique space!

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