Apartment With Industrial Feel

Israeli designers continue to spoil us with chic houses that they create, mostly contemporary, functional and very eye-catching. Today we share one such apartment, the Tower Apt. No. 1 by RUST Architects in Tel Aviv.

The apartment is 100 square meters, has a highly functional floor plan and a loft-like atmosphere. The aesthetics of the interior combine soft, cozy materials with raw, industrial materials such as iron, glass and rough wood. Overall, the color scheme tends towards black and white with blue as the accent color.

The concrete ceiling was left untouched, leaving the lighting exposed for that industrial feel. Throughout the time, family objects have been incorporated into the couple’s things to bring a bit of history to the room. New cabinets and furniture were made from old antique doors from her grandmother’s house, and the lighting was redesigned for the new space.

The most striking feature of this apartment is a home office. It was built in a black iron and glass room that lets in natural light while offering privacy. This is a unique and innovative solution that makes it possible to keep the room flooded with light and still separate the home office from the rest of the apartment. However, if there is not enough privacy, the owners can always close the curtains.

I also like the kitchen in a cool shade of blue. This is an airy and comfortable space with a brick backsplash, a large wine cooler and a marble-clad kitchen island with a breakfast area. Industrial pendant lights hanging above it echoed with a brick backsplash that added to the industrial aesthetic.

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