Apartment With Natural Light

The Apartment of Perfect Brightness is a project by the New York and California-based architectural firm asap / adam sokol pllc. The 2,500 square meter apartment in Beijing, which got its name from a garden of the same name, began with a focus on daylight at the request of the homeowner.

The study of how different colors and qualities of daylight affect people psychologically led to the installation of a system that allows the ambient light to change from warm to cold white depending on the season, time of day and outdoor lighting conditions.

Another request from the homeowner was to clear the apartment of clutter by transforming every interior wall into storage space with wooden doors, which also gives the rooms a cozy feel with their light color and warm texture. In total there are 132 in the entire apartment. When open, the television, headboards, shelves and bookshelves can be seen. When closed, the uniform surface of the door panels ensures a clean, minimalist appearance.

The decor is modern and comfortable, there are curved spaces that seem to flow into one another. All rooms are clad and decorated with the same light wood to give them some gray accents. One bathroom is clad in marble penny hex mosaic tiles and the second is clad in the same, but in shades of gray. Ambient light makes both rooms feel like spas at home.

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