Apartment With Riviera Touches

If you like modern mid-century interiors with a Riviera flair, today’s home is sure to delight and inspire you. This is a large Monaco apartment full of bright colors and iconic pieces. Let’s dive in!

The apartment is 380 square meters and has a 100 square meter balcony. It consists of 2 apartments that were furnished and designed by the talented interior designers Humbert & Poyet. The building dates from the 1970s and has a ceramic mosaic facade. It’s the perfect match for an interior inspired by Slim Aarons’ iconic images of Monaco, Palm Beach and Palm Springs. The duo reflected their vision of the Riviera lifestyle, creating timeless interiors while exuding discreet luxury. Inspired by the mix of French and Italian styles, Humbert & Poyet wanted a mix of iconic French pieces from the 50s and vintage Italian furniture.

The design is punctuated by bright colors, printed wallpaper influenced by plants, and stunning exterior views over the Mediterranean. From the Art Deco style lobby with red terrazzo flooring and smartly dressed staff, the private elevators with a beautiful collection of mirrors take you into the apartment to greet everyone. Some rooms are equipped with innovative furniture and objects. However, these contemporary pieces naturally fill the space with grace and pure harmony.

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