Art Collectors Home Gallery

When two contemporary art collectors in Kansas City, Missouri, wanted to build a new home to display their extensive collection, they looked to Hufft to make it happen. The couple had collected art, including paintings, photographs, and sculpture, over the course of 20 years, and this required an underground gallery space, the new heart: of the house, with adequate lighting and air conditioning to display. While much of the art is in the gallery, the rest is on display in the other hallways and atriums or “arteries”. This is how the house got its name – the artery residence.

The exterior shows its own share of artwork with large-scale sculptures installed around the garden. The limestone-clad ground floor contains the main living spaces, including the kitchen, dining room, living room and two offices. The upper level houses five bedrooms – one for the homeowners, two for their children and two more for house guests. Aluminum slats shade the interior. The non-gallery part of the house is equally stunning with rich materials, contemporary furniture, and additional artwork. The top floor of the bedrooms has floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the surroundings like photos.

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