Awesome Outdoor Halloween Party Ideas

An outdoor Halloween party can be even more exciting than one indoors. Why is that? Because nature, trees, bushes, ponds and earth become part of your decor and you can play with them very well. Beautiful trees with yellow leaves can be a perfect background, and artificial ravens on the table and chairs look so real! A table with gloomy trees looks so mysterious with candles and jack-o-lanterns. If you’re looking for something a little less traditional, choose a green tablecloth, plants, and chairs and pair them with black accessories. Below are more great ideas for a cool outdoor Halloween party – enjoy and get inspired!

Outdoor Halloween table settings

Choose a bold, colorful table setting for an elegant Halloween. You can use these ideas to impress even the bravest of guests.

Decorate your garden

Let’s see some ideas for decorating your front and back yards. Just don’t forget that when you’re having a party, all of your decorations should be hung on a sturdy surface or with sturdy strings.

Light up your sidewalk

If you have a long walk to the front door, you can line the path with some creative Halloween decorations. Jack-o-lanterns, milk jug ghosts, and glowing witch brooms are just a few of the ideas you’ll find below.

Don’t forget the porch

Lots of things like fake spiders, webbing, raven figures, skeletons, and witches could turn your porch into a party masterpiece. Though remember, nothing says Halloween like jack-o’-lanterns on the porch.

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