Bathroom Sinks

If you want to freshen up your bathroom decor and don’t know how to do it, there are several options. First of all, you can change the tiles or install new, more interesting tiles, put a cool bathtub or an eye-catching sink. If the latter is your option, this roundup is what you need because I am sharing the coolest sinks in the bathroom. Let’s start!

This unique sink by the Bulgarian designer and architect Victor Vasiliev is called Cube. There are different setups, all made of marble and glass. At first glance, it is noticeable that there doesn’t seem to be a sink at all! It does this through transparent glass and straight lines of seams in black that look almost invisible against the background of white marble.

Called sandstone vessel sinks, it is a rectangular wonder whose straight lines contrast nicely with the curvy strips of sandstone. Sandstone is much softer than granite or marble and is relatively easy to work with, so that the material can be brought into artistic shapes. Stone Forest has multiple sinks and a dramatic sandstone soaking tub.

The French designer Gwenole Gasnier created “un lavabos”, a sink that can be adapted to anyone. The common pool has been redesigned to suit all walks of life with one simple change – a cut along the body part so it can be tilted depending on the user’s height. By rocking around an axis, the design can be positioned to suit standing and seated adults or children, and then latched to secure it.

The Chinese-born designer Kuo owes a lot to the achievements of the ancients. No wonder, then, that Fei Tian Wen was inspired by the Dunhuang Cave drawings created by pilgrims crossing the long and winding path that was once known as the Silk Road. The designer creates marine sinks with routes that look really unique and stunning.

This unusual sink design presents a geological story of history and perseverance – and, of course, capricious. Penta creates an image of liquid formations in its combination of clear and solid materials that almost make you hesitate before turning on the tap. The clear sections are made with Chroma and the solid formation is made with Dupont Corian. The contrast between the Dupont Corian and Chroma in Penta is enhanced when light passes through it. This enables the creative use of directed light to create shadow and reflection games for a three-dimensional action on the sink and its surroundings.

Here is a unique sink design by Ricardo Antonio. This design, known as the Foglio toilet bowl, was created for Brascor Countertops of Brazil. This unique shape made of Corian gives the modern bathroom design a cool touch.

Wooden bathroom appliances are very fashionable these days as wood is an unusual material for a bathroom and it makes the room cozier. This crazy wooden bathroom basin was inspired by a map of the streets in central London. Why london Because the first industrial products appeared in England as early as the 18th century. Water Map Sink by Julia Kononenko is like a topographical map on which the water flows through channels that are similar to the river channels.

This Queen Stone sink from Terra Acqua turns your bathroom into the crowning jewel of your home. Each Miramar washbasin is cut from a single stone and is unique in shape and character.

Sinks, bathtubs and other wooden bathroom accessories are all the rage right now, and this “Ninna” sink is one of those fashionable things. It is made from hand-turned larch wood by Slow Woods master hand. The life and history in this wood are brought to life by Slow Woods incredible craftsmanship. Regardless of your decor – from modern to traditional – the addition of this functional work of art will raise the standard.

If you are a fan of the modern style but still looking for something sophisticated and luxurious, these Metamorfosi sinks are for you. From Olympia Ceramica in Italy, the product is of course of the highest quality and available in five colors and five shapes. From blue to green to orange – from oval to triangle to rectangle – there are 25 different styles to choose from – there is an option for every modern bathroom!

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