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Beautiful Luxury Bathroom Designs Collezione 19by Savio Firmino

If you like luxury design and don’t share a love for minimalism, then Collezione 1941 is for you. If you dream of creating a regal bathroom from the 19th century surrounded by beauty and splendor, then you will surely appreciate this collection from the Italian company Savio Firmino. The company does not follow modern fashion trends but creates truly unique and wonderful furniture. The 1941 collection is a furniture set in a neoclassical style. Each of its elements impresses with its sophistication and elegance. Almost all of them are decorated with jewels and gold or silver leaves. Sophisticated hand engravings make this bathroom even more beautiful. This bathroom design is timeless and was created to soothe and relax. Any woman could easily imagine being a queen in such a bathroom. More information about this luxury bathroom furniture can be found on the Savio Firmino website.

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