Best Garden Fencing Ideas

Gardening is one of those activities that allows us to express the full range of our creativity, and the choice is not just limited to which raised beds we want to create or which spring flowers we want to plant. These garden fence ideas not only create a physical boundary, but also add an additional decorative element to your outdoor space!

Gardeners need fences for a variety of reasons. That’s why we offer a range of functional and stylish options. For example, if you want to grow cucumbers or tomatoes, you may want to opt for a wire or picket fence to provide additional support for the vines. From using reused materials to creating living walls out of succulents, we offer you a range of creative options to transform your garden into a beautiful oasis.

When choosing a fence or other landscaping idea, consider the style of your home and garden. A traditional picket fence, for example, fits perfectly into a country-style house. One with horizontal slats would complement an Arts and Crafts style home. That being said, choosing a fence really comes down to what you like, as it is both a personal style statement and a functional part of your garden. Many of these fence ideas also fall into the “DIY” category, so being able to build them yourself can save you money. You’ll also find inspiring ideas to beautify your existing fence, such as DIY planters with picture frames or a nature-inspired “insect hotel.” And before you get started with these amazing garden fence ideas, check out Ree’s adorable outdoor collection for more inspiration!

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