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Bika Bike Rack Made With Blighted Canadian Pine

Vancouver-based design start-up Killwood only uses affected trees in its creations – the risk of forest fire increases significantly if it is not harvested – the studio wants to bring contemporary products to market and draw attention to the growing environmental problem. Killwood takes the wood from the trees killed by pine beetles and creates sustainable lifestyle products that offset CO2. Killwood products use upcycling waste and help local forest regrowth.

‘Bika’ is Killwood’s first offering, a modern wall mount that can hold a bike, keys and other small items. Made from exotic and distinctive pine beetle kill wood, Bika elegantly displays your bike, holds your gear and reduces pollution and saves valuable space in your home.

Inspired by the minimalism of Japanese and contemporary design, Bika embraces nature and offers functionality to your everyday life. Gorgeous, uninterrupted surfaces accentuate the beauty of the exotic pine beetle that kills wood and tell a story of devastation and rebirth. Bika combines local sustainable materials with refined minimalist design so you no longer have to make sacrifices to be environmentally friendly. Whether you are a weekend biker, a hardcore cyclist, or a fan of fixed gear, you will love Bica’s blend of sustainability and contemporary design.

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