Birch Bark Cabinets

Today we see so many creative designs and crazy surfaces that sometimes the heart craves something simple and very natural. And today we’re sharing one of these designs, it’s completely natural and extremely beautiful for those of you who want to add a piece of nature to your interior.

Vancouver-based Union Wood Co uses real birch bark to complete their range of lacquered storage cabinets. Birch bark is an adaptable material that is widely used in Nordic crafts as its durability and strength, along with its organic surface pattern, produce beautiful results. The Birch Bark series cabinets feature door panels made from birch bark, harvested in northeast Alaska, and paired with black or white lacquered cabinets for a modern look.

Since the bark of every tree is unique, the bark doors are also guaranteed to be unique. The cabinets come in a variety of sizes, from bedside tables to sideboards, to make sure there is one that suits your needs.

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