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Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas

If you have decided on a really modern kitchen, the fashionable black and white theme could be an ideal solution for you. With the right combination of these colors, your kitchen could appear bigger than it is. You can also highlight the most beautiful elements and make them even more attractive. Below you could see different black and white kitchen design ideas that perfectly show how amazing such a simple combination can be. Often times, contemporary designers choose the black color of a kitchen island and the pure white for wall cabinets in order to add an elegant touch to the kitchen and not to reduce its visible size. Nowadays there are a lot of black devices in stores that cannot be seen on black cabinets. If you opt for theft devices anyway, you should also decorate cabinet doors with a steel look, and these devices then harmonize with other kitchen elements. Built-in LED lights could make your kitchen even more beautiful and help you create an eye-catching atmosphere.

Some of the sources:

  • Contemporary black and white cuisine – Asia by Futura Cucine
  • Shiny black and white kitchen – Diana by Futura Cucine
  • Black and white kitchen designs – longline by Salvarani
  • Ultra-shiny and sleek kitchen design – Crystallo by Arrex
  • Natural kitchen design – Dogma by Arrita Cucine
  • Ambienti Evolution – The latest trend in Italian kitchen design with stone

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