Black Chalet Overlooks Forest

We all love forest and mountain chalets because of their incredible rustic and very cozy charm. Today we share a lakeside forest chalet in Canada that is made up of two volumes stacked at irregular angles as it was built for siblings.

The house is on a slope that offers a bird’s eye view of the lake. The entrance to the 335 square meter residence is on the lower level, where the architects created the common areas of the house and a garage. The two areas cross at the same time.

The eastern end of the longitudinal volume consists of an open kitchen and dining room, separated from the living room by a short flight of stairs. An open staircase leads to the bedroom, which is roughly perpendicular to the ground floor. A long corridor from east to west organizes the four bedrooms of the house. The two largest are at either end and have their own bathroom. Two smaller bedrooms sit between them.

The architects clad the house in black and with raw materials to integrate it into the wooded surroundings. This contrasts with the interior, where black and white surfaces give a more minimalist feel. Specific accents include dark hardwood floors and a dramatic marble bathroom. My favorite place is the chalet dining room, which is fully glazed and offers a breathtaking view of the forest and the lake. It feels like being outdoors. I also like a terrace with minimalist furniture that has breathtaking views.

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