Black Lake Furniture

What we have for you today is really fascinating and unusual and was inspired by the phantasmagoric landscapes of Iceland.

The London studio Klaus Haapaniemi & Co has designed a hand-engraved sofa, woven tapestry and round rug that are inspired by Iceland. The pieces feature a print called Black Lake that Haapaniemi created after hearing Icelandic singer Björk describe the lava fields near her home.

The custom-made, square wooden frame sofa features subtle hand-engravings on the arms, back and feet, while chunky pillows are upholstered in the Black Lake print. The woven tapestry is intended to be used as a long rug that is draped over the sofa. Inspired by the dark, steaming lake described by Björk, the round carpet is decorated with unusual leaves, water lilies and mysterious lava stones.

Now the collection is specially made for Björk’s remote summer home and is being mailed to her, but we hope that a commercial version of it is also for sale.

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