Boho Chic Parisian Apartment

The laid-back bohemian style is more than conveniently located in Caroline Gayral’s 19th-century Parisian family home, where her company’s Fragments gorgeous carpets and Berber prints mix well with vintage furniture, art, and contemporary pieces.

Caroline and her husband wanted a friendly nest that reflected an informal and comfortable style, but without losing the original character of the property. First of all, they restored the original parquet floors, marbled chimneys and windows. The large apartment has been turned into an open, boho-chic space with no doors to make it as bright as possible. The main tools for decorating their apartment were furniture and paint.

The owners mixed cultures and styles while decorating. For example, you can see a leather armchair from Mendes da Rocha and a pair of wooden armchairs from Morocco. Caroline brought real artwork from the Atlas Mountains, adding designer lamps, antique mirrors, and chic furniture and carpets to create an ambience that she wanted. The rugs, which are an essential part of any boho interior, are adorable and the warmth and quality go hand in hand with these colorful and long haired handcrafted designs.

The apartment has been furnished in a practical way, but still very stylish and beautiful, it’s practical aesthetic. Sculptures and works of art nourished the interior with beauty and style. The interiors turned out to be harmonious and chic, but very homely. Enjoy the view of this unique room below!

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