Bold Green Masculine Apartment

This modern apartment in São Paulo, Brazil has been completely redesigned and renovated by FC Studio for two young brothers. The house became a fresh take on a contemporary masculine, if not overly large, apartment. Let’s take a closer look.

The main room contains a living room, TV room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, balcony and office, which makes it feel more spacious and functional. Hybrid and mobile furniture such as benches and tables invite the use of the flexible area, and the space adapts to the various possible scenarios in which work, eating, cooking, washing clothes etc. take place in a fluid manner. Sliding doors can separate the outside and inside and thus create some privacy. I love the interesting color combination that is used for the decor: black, green, a lot of graphite gray, which makes the bold greens stand out. The green-designed kitchen is visually separated from the rest of the room, and a small desk and a musical instrument in the corner are part of the decor, although such zones are usually separate too – everything here is pretty fluid and perfectly integrated into the decor.

There are two suites that offer privacy to both brothers. One of them features a white art wall and bold works of art. The bathroom pictured here is paneled with small black tiles and white grout to make it stand out, and black furniture emphasizes that it’s a manly space. Enjoy all the pictures of this cool contemporary apartment for two guys!

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