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Bold Jewelry Modernist Apartment

Bold Jewelry Modernist Apartment

The residence on Bergen Street, Brooklyn, was renovated by the General Assembly for a jewelry designer and her family. The client’s fine metalwork informed the design details throughout the apartment and greatly inspired the designers.

Starting with jewelry making, they used rolled brass sheets in the living room and master bedroom, and designed bespoke furniture to keep and display the owner’s original designs. The brass forms the top for a custom wooden counter that runs along a wall in the living area under the windows. The device is painted blue-green and has cupboards, shelves, planters and a small padded bench.

A library area with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves is rust-red and enhances the wooden floors and several brown-tinted objects in the open space. A rich color palette helped blend vintage furniture and lighting with contemporary pieces by local artists. In the master bedroom, a brass chest of drawers is built into the middle of the white cupboards under a tarnished mirror. Other custom-made furniture for the General Assembly in the room are the bed and shiny burgundy-colored bedside tables.

The apartment has an additional bedroom and two bathrooms. The master bath is decorated with diamond-shaped tiles, concrete surfaces, and a custom-made white oak vanity. There is a terrace accessed from the living room. There are a lot of potted plants and a lot of light comes through the glass door. The whole apartment looks like a huge masterpiece of modernity in strong colors and with bright metallic accents.

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