Bold Lounge Chair

Modern and bold furniture can make a statement or completely change the room. The more conspicuous the surfaces, upholstery and shapes, the cooler it looks. If you love sculptural and bold furniture that stands out with cool design, you might like this Varhany chair! Flatpack, foam and so much fun! Three words that perfectly describe the Varhany Lounge Chair! The Varhany chair is intended for young people who want to feel style but cannot invest in expensive furniture. Its shape is inspired by the musical instrument used in churches – an organ. This thoughtful piece applies the versatility of foam upholstery in a whole new way. The main advantage is the variability of the upholstery, which each customer can configure as they wish.

It consists of several parts: plywood side panels, support bars, foam pads, Allen screws, washers, a buckle, felt pads. Simple cardboard packaging copies the silhouette of the chair with a 2 cm protection zone, and all parts are tied together in the packaging. The upholstery is packed in a rigid roll. Three flat pieces of wood are cut from a single sheet of plywood for ease of transport or shipping. Once attached, the foam roller can be easily folded over the built-in bars to keep it in shape. The entire construction is attached with 8mm Allen screws. In contrast to other flat-pack furniture, it is extremely soft and comfortable without impairing mobility! This is a perfect option for those who want to make a bold statement with furniture in their homes but aren’t ready to pay too much just yet.

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