Breezy All White Apartment

We have more winter whites for you! And today it’s a minimalist but cozy two bedroom apartment by Laura Seppänen Design Agency in Helsinki owned by the head of Cosmopolitan Finland. As it is for the head of Cosmopolitan, you understand that it will breathe with style and impeccable taste, and you will have the opportunity to check it out. Her wish was a clean and monochrome interior without carpets or curtains, along with her must-have piece – the Bertoia chair!

A paper white paint was used for the walls, floors and ceilings, creating a clean canvas for layering high quality furniture and a warm mix of natural materials. Although in relatively good condition, the existing kitchen has been modernized with minor changes such as replacing the cabinet doors, sink and faucet and painting handles in a contrasting matte black. Unsurprisingly, one of the customer’s favorite features is the Carrara marble, which adds texture and a touch of luxury to the room.

Laura combined the client’s existing furniture with a mix of new pieces carefully selected from Finland and abroad. This effortless blend of Scandinavian design classics and newer Nordic brands has resulted in a stylish home with lots of personality and charm.

The house is very stylish and chic, I would say the decor is timeless as it uses paper white and creamy hues and cool black graphic accents. Perfect taste can be seen in every detail here, but isn’t that what a fashion-related home should look like?

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