Brightly Colored Apartment

Do you want some bright colors? No problem, the house we share today is full of bold blues, emeralds, and yellows. It is sure to inspire you with bright shades of color.

This Seattle apartment was designed by Brio Interior Design and features fun, bright colors in unique combinations and a mid-century atmosphere. Customer requests included green and ivory, local art, a nap sofa, and a king size bed in the owner’s suite with an upholstered headboard. All of these requirements were met.

The designers chose to add bold colors, lush texture, unique custom-made furniture and lots of velvet to the sterile interior, which is very trendy right now. The space features artwork from locals like Deanne Belinoff and Paul Edmondson, as well as the fine craftsmanship of local woodworkers and furniture makers who built the Seattle-built sofa, wall bed / desk, headboard, and living room.

Take a look at the open layout: kitchen, dining and living areas are united in one bold space with breathtaking views, and to make use of them, one wall has been completely glazed. The storage space is hidden in sleek white cupboards, there is a large emerald green velvet sofa, and some strong turquoise and green chairs on mirror legs. The dining area is furnished with a glass table and brown and yellow chairs. The kitchen is decorated with hanging white cabinets and natural wood cabinets on the floor. Get more of the fancy rooms of this condo below!

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