Built In Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are spectacular and can create an ambience, but some bathrooms just can’t accommodate them. If your bathroom is one of these, don’t be upset, there are amazing built-in bathtubs to choose from. There are built-in bathtubs of all sizes, shapes, and appearances, and even mini-bathtub-shower combos for those who lack space. Let’s take a look at two more cool options among the built-in features.

Victoria + Albert has long been a celebrated manufacturer of freestanding bathtubs. For the first time, the company is offering two integrated bathroom designs: Gordano 6032 and Rossendale 6636.

Both models are made from the brand’s typical ENGLISHCAST material and given a glossy white sheen by hand. Thanks to the natural strength of the material, every tub is resistant to tearing and warping. For additional comfort, each is equipped with integrated armrests and an angle of inclination of 32 degrees.

To accommodate different bathrooms, each bathtub is made with four adjustable feet for easy leveling and adjustment. The Gordano 6032 measures 60 “x 32” with a water capacity of approximately 68 gallons while the Rossendale 6636 measures 66 “x 36” with a capacity of approximately 88 gallons. They easily fit into any modern bathroom, the look is universal and stylish.

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