Cave Like Villa

If you are looking for a gorgeous vacation home to get inspiration from, look no further because here it is! Welcome to the remote Greek island of Santorini, where blue domes and white, stone-embedded apartment buildings celebrate Cycladic architecture. This summer home designed by Kapsimalis Architects is located in Oia, a place known for its “cute” architecture and magical sunsets.

The project makes optimal use of its cliff position and offers a view from an outside courtyard. This outdoor platform features a vaulted dining area, lounge chairs, and an infinity pool overlooking the caldera. A twisted external staircase connects the two levels of the apartment.

Once inside, you will discover the living room with a small kitchen, two bedrooms with bathrooms and a sauna. The designers took advantage of the apartment’s organic curves and created sculptural interiors. One of the en-suite bedrooms has a round glass door that subtly marks the transition between social and private areas. Such a door enhances the cavernous appearance of the room but gives it a modern feel.

The interior and exterior walls were built from volcanic stones and white plaster, while the floors feature light beige marble and cement plaster surfaces. Selected materials and textures add to the originality of this house on the cliffs in Greece. Magnificent views that can be seen from almost everywhere give the rooms more charm. Now enjoy all the pictures of this amazing house on a Greek island below!

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