Chairs Unusual Shapes

Barcelona-based design studio Toru has created two unique chairs: Babu and Clop, both of which use a local leather from Igualada, which offers a distinctive and high-quality finish that hints at the city’s cultural roots.

Babu uses a 6mm leather piece that folds back to create the backrest and floor. The chair on the floor is supported by small brass feet that hold the structure together. According to Toru, the design was influenced by the great voyages of the desert tribes, who sat on the ground in groups to eat, socialize, and plan the route for their next trip. The piece of furniture should not only be a comfortable seat, but also be a place for meditation, comfort and relaxation.

Clop uses an unusual crease that extends across the back of the chair, creating a seamless top-to-bottom finish. The piece brings two materials together – leather and wood – that intentionally refer to the “clog shoe” which uses the same material. This playful reference has been translated into a luxury product so that both material and concept can determine the end result.

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