Changing Table Ideas

If you are waiting for a little miracle and one or more new family members, you may be decorating a kindergarten. Every part of it is important to make your child or children feel welcome and to make them feel comfortable here. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the functional areas of the kindergarten such as a changing room.

Styling a changing table

There are many changing tables that you can buy today, tons of styles and ideas: rustic, vintage, glamor, modern or others. You can also make one yourself with a dresser, table, or sideboard. Stick to the style of your kindergarten. Just sand it, paint to your liking, and add little cute details all around. Don’t be afraid to emphasize this zone. Add different lamps and mirrors, create a gallery wall above your table – let each area be in perfect harmony here. Put up posters, photos, and pictures and of course you can try making some cool alphabet art that your child may learn.

Storage ideas for your changing station

Storage in this area is another important problem that has many solutions. First and foremost, your table – it can have drawers, cubes, baskets, and open shelves to store whatever you need. Another idea is to hang a cool rack over the table or just a couple of holders for a few things. I love the idea of ​​hanging a breadboard over your changing table and then attaching shelves and various holders to it. You can also create an extended closet with a clothes rack hanging over the station.

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