Chic Modern Apartment

This apartment in Tel Aviv in a Bauhaus building from the 1930s was renovated by a whole group of architects: Amir Navon, Chen Navon, Lital Ophir and Ilana Bronfen. The 97 m² apartment is located in the heart of the city and offers a wonderful view of the city, which you can observe from a large balcony.

In previous renovations, the apartment felt dark and closed with no real style. This has been replaced with a predominantly white, gray, and black color palette combined with moments of blue, green, and copper. They opened the apartment and created a large common room that runs parallel to the balcony. With four access points to the outside area, daylight now floods the interior.

It was important for the designers to keep the classic details of the building’s past while creating a modern look. With carefully selected materials such as Carrara marble, safety wire glass, steel and herringbone wood floors, they underline the classic charm.

A large green cube was designed for the kitchen to provide storage space and it was placed as a freestanding unit to give the space a sense of openness. The kitchen’s two-way island is in the center, as is the dining table and living room sofa, creating walkways between them that lead to the balcony or bedrooms. The shared children’s room can accommodate two children with a built-in bed.

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