Classic Kitchen Design From Gorenje

Gorenje does not only specialize in the manufacture of household appliances. They also have a department that specializes in designing interiors and production furniture for them. They make furniture for various rooms including kitchens. There are three types of furniture: contemporary, familiar and classic.

Classic kitchens, usually characterized by the warmth and comfort of natural wood. Gorenje’s kitchen design is not an exclusion. They have a luxury look, modern appliances and warm colors. Here’s what Gorenje said about her classic line:

Many touches of nature are necessary so that we become aware of its wondrous beauty. Simple memories of days gone by require a lot of self-confidence to reveal what we want most in the present: to share the experience, to feel at home, to feel the solid protection of coziness, to feel the mysterious flow of moments that give the impression that time has changed its course. Wonderful impressions of wood in combination with the elegant lines of the kitchens give a sense of true luxury in the house.

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