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Clock That Engraves Time

There are different ways to display information and especially the time. Switzerland-based company 42foundry has developed ETCH, a watch that explores a new way of displaying time by using a true 3D effect. In the digital world, 7-segment digits, graphically engraved or embossed fonts and, in general, displays and clocks appear everywhere. The technology company wanted to combine all these shared experiences in an unconventional way and achieve a product that could surprise every minute.

To demonstrate the time, ETCH converts an elastic membrane into digital numbers and engraves the surface with a gentle and relaxing actuation. ETCH consists of an elegant aluminum frame and a stretchable and flexible surface made of elastomer and gives time a physical presence with the 3D numbers engraved in the membrane. With the app you can – if necessary – synchronize the ETCH time with the current time. With the app you can also choose two types of time display: The first “Sync & Go” shows the time every 30 seconds. The second, ‘Sync & Sensor’, shows the time every 30 seconds, but only when there is ambient noise or noises.

Every second is a unique moment in time that will never exist again. The ETCH watch is a reminder of this feeling and encourages us to make the most of the time.

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