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Cocoon Module Prefab Home

The holiday season has begun and many of us are going somewhere or just going to our vacation homes. If you dream of a home like this but don’t have it yet, there is a great idea for you!

Cocoon Modules are holiday homes made from shipping containers that become modern homes for nomads, emergency shelters or people looking for a weekend home. The houses are modular, can be moved if necessary, and can be built in just 6 weeks, which makes them a much cheaper option than other prefabricated houses. They are able to keep the manufacturing costs up to 50% lower than with conventional construction methods.

Inside the device is everything you would find in a normal-sized house or apartment with plenty of storage space and beautiful wooden surfaces. The large sliding glass doors make it appear larger than it is and offer a wide view of the surrounding landscape. Most of the furniture is multifunctional and built in to make the most of space, and there is plenty of storage space – in the sleeping and living areas.

At one end there is a sleeping zone, which is separated by a wooden cupboard, in which you can store your clothes and shoes. There is built-in storage space and a glass wall to take in the view. The next zone is a living and dining area with an upholstered corner bench, comfortable shelves above and a small desk where you can eat. The next part is the kitchen with light wooden cabinets. The second end of the house has a small bathroom with a sink, toilet, and a fairly large shower with concrete tiles for functionality. Take a look at the pictures and get inspired to own your own vacation home!

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