Collapsible Moon Lamp

The moon, sun, stars and other astronomical bodies were and are a source of inspiration for artists and designers to create various romantic and dreamy objects and works of art. We have already shared several moon-inspired lamps: Moon Lunar table lamp, Luna sphere ambient lamp and Lunair wall lamp, inspired by lunar eclipses. Today we’re sharing another piece that is inspired by the moon, and it’s a flexible and practical moon lamp.

The Japanese designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka brings an unexpected twist to the lighting of furniture with his foldable moon lamp. Thanks to a photo-reflective structure, the user can manipulate the object so that it is expanded or reduced.

For the lighting function, Kazuhiro Yamanaka embedded an LED strip that is located within the edge of the spring steel frame – towards the center of the circle. As a result, the expansive surface of the lamp shines like a full moon. The colors of the LED can also be changed to create different hues and environments. The design of the lamp is universal and simple, it easily fits into any modern interior, you can hang it on the wall or put it directly on the floor, so cool for parties!

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