Colored Glass Wall Units And Sideboards Glass Day Collection From Bimax

The Chic & Charme Division of Bimax has brought out a really nice collection of glass furniture for closets and sideboards. The Glass Day Collection is very interesting because of its modernity and flexibility. All elements of the collection are characterized by rounded, lacquered glass fronts. Such glossy and reflective surfaces are always associated with modern furniture, and glass units from the collection are shinier than enough. The amount of paint is so large that everyone can find the furniture that reflects their thoughts and desires. Most units have ascending door hangers and chrome handles when needed. In addition to the color flexibility, the collection offers flexibility in the selection and combination of units. Small and large pull-out drawers, hanging columns, hanging elements for trap doors, curved TV brackets, sideboards and bedside tables in different colors can be combined to create a truly unique solution for your home. [Chic & Charme]

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