Colorful House

If you like cubism and surrealism you will love this super wacky home that an artist created for himself and his friend. The artist Misha Kahn designed a house full of whims, tricks and colors – it’s a real playhouse instead of the usual one!

The goal of the project was to create a crazy but livable space for two, with super bold colors and a touch of madness. Every room or room is unique in completely different colors and with incomparable furniture, most of which were designed by the couple themselves or just common pieces that were renovated by them.

The Campana brothers are in the living room: a furry couch and a chest decorated with fish scales, and the heart of the dining room is a table made of soft rubber in the shape of Denmark. Eating something other than soup on it is an adventure. In the kitchen, all surfaces except the stove are covered in a deconstructed Chagall painting, with one wall plastered with pale yellow Voutsa wallpaper. It’s the visual equivalent of an alarm that wakes you to the voices of screaming kids.

With the help of his friend, Kahn designed a pair of wall lights for the bedroom. They put animals in them as a joke, but now this is their home. The Moroccan boucherouite was bought to cover the otherwise common gray headboard. The fan and stools are from Kahn, and he also used an Ikea rug and fiberglass garden decor. The toothy Japanese print on the back bedroom wall is by Tadanori Yokoo. Living in a house like this is an adventure in itself, an experience like no other. Get more of those crazy rooms below!

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