Colorful Minimalist Apartment

Owned by a singer-songwriter, this creative, colorful apartment is very comfortable for making music while staying at home. Let’s take a look.

The Moscow-based office Cxema (Skhēma) Architects created a house full of colors and impressions that vary depending on the time of day. The musician awakens to a pale blue sky on the bedroom ceiling that adjoins the light gray walls and reveals the vibrant peach colored windows. Due to the lack of sunlight in the living room, the architects have used calm forest tones and – as they call it – created a ‘pocket of paint’, a zone where both the walls and ceiling are painted the same color to separate the quiet area from the passage . The traditional bathroom with white ceramic tiles and dark grout is enlivened by a delicate pink ceiling. The entrance consists of geometric mirrors, a wooden bench, and a textured carpet, plus a planter to liven up the space.

The decor is a strange mix of minimalism and Scandinavian influences, as is the furniture. There is really only necessary furniture and you will not see excessive decorations or accessories made not to distract the owner from creating, but to inspire him as much as possible. Due to the many color blockages in the decor, the apartment does not look empty, but gives impressions. Immerse yourself in the world of music and colors and look at the pictures!

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