Colorful Minimalist House

Canari House is a minimal residence in Montreal, Canada designed by _naturehumaine. The clients are a sporty couple who wanted Fourplex to turn into a primary residence while renting the ground floor. The existing part of the house dates from the 1930s and has been completely restored on the street side.

The building is characterized by an angular wood structure that allows the gardens to nestle in its spaces. This geometry also continues inside. Large bay windows provide plenty of natural light while also providing a spotlight for the striking staircase that was the focus of the project to add liveliness to the space.

A black band defines the circulation throughout the house and also extends out into the garden. Diagonal lines are the central dynamic element of the house and can be used in the entire outdoor area as well as in the lighting fixtures and in the stairwell.

I love strong colors in different rooms, they make the rooms more dynamic, fill with life and lift the mood. The stairs are in a sunny yellow, one of the bathrooms is in strong orange, the other in navy blue – dynamic colors like these express the personality of sport-loving owners. The overall decor shows that the minimalist style is not always about clean and cold rooms, but that it can burst with colors and stand out with geometry, look inviting and improve the mood.

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